7 Impressive Ways A Restaurant POS Can Enhance Your Business

Enhance Your Business With Shift4 Restaurant POS

Restaurants have come a long way from paper menus, reservations on sticky notes, and waiting for the paper bill to come. The modern customer is looking for faster checkouts, easy ordering options, and a seamless payment process. That’s why you need a state-of-the-art restaurant POS system. With Shift4’s SkyTab POS, the sky’s the limit for your restaurant and business.

In this article, we’ll go through seven revolutionary ways that a POS system can make your restaurant profitable!

Mobile ordering and pay-at-the-table.

Grow your business with SkyTab, our complete mobile ordering, and payment solution. With SkyTab, you have everything you need to accept payments at the table, at the curb for takeout, or while delivering food. SkyTab enables servers to quickly place orders, handle payments, flip more tables, have happier customers, and earn more tips. As a result, your operations will function more smoothly, simply, and precisely. 

Mobile POS And Contactless PayFor Restaurants

Marketing tools and loyalty programs.

Increase customer retention through loyalty programs and rewards programs. One of the most important things you can do for your customers is to keep them coming back by offering rewards programs or loyalty programs. These programs encourage customers to visit more often and increase their spending so that they can earn points toward free meals or other discounts on merchandise. Also, create targeted email marketing campaigns that offer specials based on the time of day or day of the week, plus send SMS text messages directly to your customers’ mobile phones.

Online ordering.

Since 2014, online food ordering has increased 300 percent faster than dine-in and currently makes up about 40% of all restaurant sales. Customers expect restaurants to provide the convenience of online ordering. Online menu browsing makes it possible for customers to order on their own schedule, which results in more accurate orders and higher-order values. Our online ordering platform is simple to set up and integrated with your point of sale, allowing you to take orders right away. With this approach, you can keep your online ordering in-house and avoid using a middleman and their extra fees. To reach more clients and increase your revenue, use online ordering.

Online Ordering Mobile Pizza


Skip the old-fashioned paper reservation book and go digital with our booking software that integrates with our POS system to let customers make reservations. Hostesses can optimize the seating plan and get a better sense of wait times thanks to the reservation system. Knowing whether guests are celebrating or have food allergies gives servers the information they need to provide superior service. Overall, a reservation system helps managers and employees be better prepared for their shifts.

Reporting, analytics, and business intelligence.

Real-time reporting systems enable managers to optimize restaurant operations by learning about peak restaurant hours, the most popular menu items, employee efficiency, and more. These solutions also provide rapid reports on sales statistics, labor expenses, inventory levels, and other information. With Lighthouse, you can make intelligent, data-driven decisions and put actionable information at your fingertips.

QR code ordering and payments.

QR codes are gaining popularity in the restaurant industry because they allow customers to have control over ordering and paying without having to wait at the cashier station or for a waitress. The technology is simple: the customer scans a barcode on the screen with their phone to order, pay and receive their food. The benefits are many for customers — a speedy ordering process and secure contactless payments. While restaurants benefit from reduced labor expenses and a rise in tips because of happy customers.

QR Code Order and Pay by Phone

Social media and online reputation management.

Social media is a powerful marketing strategy for your restaurant. A whopping 99% of Millenials and Gen Z are more likely to choose a restaurant based on social media and online reviews. Streamline tasks such as scheduling posts, tracking the performance of your content, and managing all your social media accounts in one place with Shift4’s POS. Even replying to consumers’ reviews on various review websites can be done on this one platform. Managing social media and reputation can help restaurants reduce acquisition expenses. It’s an opportunity to connect with customers and attract more guests to your restaurant. 

All these features are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to managing your restaurant with Shift4. Contact us if you’re ready to transform your business with the all-in-one restaurant platform. Call 888-777-8311. 

8 Useful Restaurant Sales Strategies

8 useful restaurant sales strategies

Increase Restaurant Sales Strategies

Restaurant sales, as any restaurant owner knows, may be difficult to increase. We work with restaurants every day to help them leverage the latest restaurant technology to improve their guest experience and improve profit margins.  Many restaurants fail during the first year due to higher operational costs and fierce competition. To grow sales, you may believe that you need to spend a lot of money on advertising, but one of the best ways to raise restaurant sales is to apply a few relatively easy strategies.


So, how do you increase restaurant sales? To start, here are eight tried-and-true tips for restaurant success:

  • Utilize online ordering.

Did you know that online ordering accounts for 40% of all restaurant revenue? Therefore, ordering directly from your website is a must for restaurants today. Whether it’s for takeout or delivery, more and more people are using their mobile phones for ordering.

  • Upsell and Cross-Sell.

For every person who orders food at your restaurant, there’s an opportunity to upsell or cross-sell. Encourage your staff to recommend customers to buy something more expensive than what they originally planned to purchase — for example, offering a side of fries with their sandwich or upgrading their drink size from small to large. Upselling can also be done by recommending menu items with high-profit margins. On your online ordering page, you can also set up add-on suggestions automatically.

Try cross-selling guests by motivating them to try a different way of dining with you. For example, offer a discount to a customer to try online ordering if they usually dine-in. Email customers who normally choose a delivery option to join you in person for a complimentary appetizer.

  • Sell branded products and merchandise.

Selling something you’re known for as a branded product is a successful technique for developing a secondary revenue stream and boosting restaurant sales. Do you, for example, own an Italian restaurant with a well-known homemade sauce? It’s time to package it and sell it. Alternatively, printed items such as T-shirts could help you expand your brand. Use Shift4Shop to set up your eCommerce page to sell products online.

restaurant selling branded products

  • Boost service speed.

Restaurants understand that the more tables flipped per hour, the more money they will make. That’s why giving employees the tools they need to improve service speed and efficiency is critical. This is where a mobile point of sale comes in handy, as it allows servers to submit orders immediately to the kitchen from the table. Simultaneously, reduce labor expenses by utilizing mobile POS, online ordering, and self-ordering via QR codes.

  • Take part in local events.

Restaurant Week is a fantastic local event to participate in for exposure. Restaurant week is an event in which restaurants offer discounted or set-priced menus, allowing customers to taste a variety of foods that would otherwise be out of their price range. This event will increase foot traffic to your business, so impress guests with your cuisine and services to keep them coming back for more.

restaurant week event

  • Reward loyal customers.

Loyal customers are the backbone of every successful business, and restaurants are no different. If you want your restaurant to succeed and grow, make sure that your customers keep coming back for more. A loyalty program encourages repeat visits from existing customers and is an excellent tool for building customer relationships. In fact, 45% of diners will select a restaurant if they belong to its loyalty program. (Hospitality Technology) 52% of consumers will recommend to others the restaurants they are most loyal to. (Oracle Hospitality) The best part is you can easily keep track of your customers’ purchases using your point-of-sale system.

  • Build a strong team.

Your employees represent your brand, so great service starts with having the right people on your team to deliver it. Offer your employees incentives, such as sales contests, growth opportunities, and training programs. These will help your staff feel valued and motivated at work, which could translate into higher sales and better customer service.

  • Make personalized recommendations.

One of the easiest ways to increase sales is by delivering personalized recommendations to your guests at the right time — whether that’s during their first visit or every time they come back. A point-of-sale (POS) system can help make this achievable. When you have access to key information about your customers — what they order, how often they come in, and even whether they’re vegetarian or gluten-free — it makes it so much easier to personalize the experience for them and boost sales.

Restaurant Recommendations Menu

With these pointers in mind, you can begin effectively increasing your restaurant sales. The key is to be patient, keep looking for new ways to boost business, and most importantly – stay positive! Using these technology solutions is both simple and effective. It can help you overcome staff shortages while also retaining the employees you have, improving profit margins, and creating a better guest experience. Are you ready to boost your bottom line and grow restaurant sales?


Contact us to discuss how restaurant technology can help you achieve your business goals and run your restaurant smoothly!

6 Ways Restaurant Technology Can Help the Labor Shortage

Restaurant Technology to help the labor shortage

Why Is There an Ongoing Restaurant Labor Shortage?

The labor shortage has been quite a challenge for the restaurant industry. In fact, according to CBS News, nearly 4 in 10 restaurants report that they’re having difficulty hiring enough staff. Thousands of restaurant workers were laid off or furloughed during the start of the COVID-19 crisis because of the severe economic downturn. Many restaurant staff have since gone on to other industries.

These are some reasons they’ve moved on.

  • Health concerns with Covid, and lack of health insurance being offered
  • Dealing with bad customers who disregard the health procedures
  • Job instability along with shortened hours
  • Bad work culture and limited support for work-life balance
  • Low pay
  • Lack of promotional opportunities

to go orders at restaurant

When you’re looking to hire, keep these considerations in mind. It may be beneficial to market your business with higher starting wages, promotional opportunities, flexible schedules, health benefits, and a friendly work environment.

As you know, servers are a valuable part of the restaurant experience. They assist guests with ordering, dining, and payment. If you’re short-staffed, the amount of tables that can be serviced is limited. If service is continuously delayed, both guests and servers will be frustrated, which will have a significant negative impact on your business.

Here are 6 ways that technology can help fill the gaps created by the labor shortage.

  1. Increase production without overburdening employees by implementing online ordering. Restaurants can serve more customers by offering online ordering. This increases profitability while also removing the need for a designated person to take to-go orders via phone call. You now have one less role to worry about!
  2. With QR Order & Pay, speed up the ordering process and boost guest satisfaction. Don’t bother with traditional menus; instead, have your customers scan a QR code with their smartphone to browse a digital menu, place an order, and pay. As a result, servers will be less stressed and have more time to focus on delivering meals to tables and creating a positive customer experience.
  3. A mobile POS will help with order accuracy and payment convenience. Customers and employees will have a straightforward ordering and payment experience with SkyTab Mobile. Servers no longer have to return to a POS station to put in orders; instead, they may do so directly at the table, ensuring order correctness. SkyTab also streamlines kitchen operations, increases table turns, and servers typically see higher tips as they can spend more time at tables engaging with customers. Since it offers full mobility Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity, SkyTab is also ideal for taking curbside takeout payments or even on the road for delivery.                                                             
  4. Reduce labor overhead through automation with a Kiosk. Digital kiosks are large touch-screen displays that allow guests to place orders and pay without the need for staff assistance. They are ideal for quick-service restaurants, as they save money by avoiding the need to hire cashiers and allowing personnel to move to more valued positions such as servers or chefs. This will ensure that the dining room doors remain open! Another advantage is that customers are likely to spend more money and opt for add-ons when they use kiosks.
  5. The Lighthouse Business Manager System minimizes time-consuming administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on running your business. Implementing Lighthouse Business Manager allows you to work smarter, not harder. This productivity software gives you access to critical reports and insights, as well as management features, like employee scheduling and customer engagement. Take full advantage of Lighthouse by using direct integrations such as DoorDash, Uber Eats, and more in its Marketplace.
  6. Improve operations with an industry-leading POS. When you hire new staff, you want to use restaurant technology that is straightforward so they can focus on operating the business and serving customers. Meadows Hospitality Systems offers the Restaurant Manager Point-of-Sale System integrated with Shift 4 Payment Processing to provide customers with industry-leading restaurant technology and local support. MHS makes the onboarding process simple by going onsite and instructing personnel on how to use the technology effectively.

meadows hospitality systems pos training

The future of the restaurant labor shortage is unknown.

No one knows when the workforce will be able to keep up with demand. Using technology to adapt during labor shortages is a smart strategy to keep your business running smoothly while also providing a better employee experience that helps you stand out as a top employer for local candidates.

Why The “New Normal” Calls For a Contactless Mobile Guest Experience

contactless mobile guest experience

Digital Dining Adoption

The pandemic has pushed the restaurant industry’s adoption of technology. It’s now common to see people use their smartphones or other digital platforms when dining out. It’s important to note that everyone’s expectations have shifted as a result of Covid-19, therefore you can’t rely on the same procedures that you used before March 2020 if you want your business to succeed. 

According to Juniper Research, more than half (53 percent) of global transactions running through Point-of-Sale systems will be contactless within five years, compared to just 15 percent in 2020. It’s expected that contactless payments will triple to $6 trillion globally by 2024, up from approximately $2 trillion last year.

Create A Safe & Efficient Work Environment 

Contactless payments are a method of paying for goods or services without physically having to swipe a card, touch a screen, or hand it to another person. Due to the pandemic, businesses have prioritized eliminating physical contact points to provide a safe and healthy setting, which is why many of them have provided contactless payment solutions, such as “Tap-to-Pay”. Customers enjoy having a touchless payment experience with devices such as SkyTab by Shift4. SkyTab even accepts popular mobile wallets like Apple Pay & Google Pay. Thankfully, a more protected workplace is possible with mobile solutions.

contactless payments tap to pay

Maximize Resources and Cut Costs

Leveraging technology such as QR Order & Pay, guests can manage more processes themselves, such as ordering and paying. This type of software has also helped with another issue: the restaurant industry is facing a staffing shortage, so this tool allows restaurants to give high-quality service with fewer employees. “According to 89 percent of full-service restaurant owners, their present staffing levels are below average.” – National Restaurant Association. With the adoption of contactless technology, restaurants can boost productivity while keeping costs down. 

qr order and pay contactless

Increase Revenue Streams 

For eateries, online ordering is a must-have platform for survival. Businesses should be aware that third-party platforms contain a lot of hidden fees, and most customers prefer to order straight from the source when considering which route to take for online ordering. Have control over your revenue, branding, and data with RM Online Ordering. Did you know that the average online order is 20 to 30% larger than call-in orders? This makes it an excellent tool for upselling. Businesses can take advantage of the “new normal” by offering online ordering as a strategy to boost profitability.

online ordering contactless payments

When it comes to your business, which mobile tech fits best?

Consider the flow of your operations and note the areas where technology could be very helpful to your business. Think about the following questions when selecting what technology is suitable for your restaurant.

  • What’s your budget for incorporating technology, and what are your primary objectives?
  • In what ways will technology assist you in achieving your goals?
  • If tech issues arrive, how will they be handled? 
  • What insights do you already have about your customers and what do you still want to find out?
  • How does certain technology help with marketing?
  • How can this technology contribute to a great client experience?

We’d love to learn about your business’s needs and we’ll be pleased to answer any of your questions. By calling 407-365-1991, you can reach us at any time.

How Restaurants Can Provide Payment Flexibility To Guests

importance of payment flexibility

You dined at your favorite local eatery, and the food and beverages were excellent. However, when it comes time to pay for the dinner, you can’t manage to locate the server and inform them you’re ready to receive the bill. Even when you request a check, it seems to take an eternity for them to get it to you, and then you have to wait for them to take your card and process it. For the customer, this can be a tiresome procedure that might even ruin their dining experience. As a result, restaurants must provide payment flexibility to guests and allow them to pay in a variety of ways. This will streamline the workflow and make it easier for customers and restaurant employees. 


“A study revealed that 60% of people who have experienced a slow payment process have ruined their dining experience.”


Accept multiple types of payment.

It’s critical to make it simple for customers to pay using whatever method they like. The more payment options your business allows, the more convenient it will be. Traditional card swipe, EMV chip, NFC cards, mobile wallets including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and WeChat Pay, and Alipay are all accepted by Shift4. Did you know that one of the most efficient methods to cut wait times is to accept numerous forms of payment?

flexible payments with skytab

Give access to pay at the table. 

In most countries, the use of table-side payment is already prevalent. In the U.S, almost all adults (70% of baby boomers and 72% of millennials) would prefer to pay at the table if they could. SkyTab is a powerful tool that will allow your business to offer the pay at the table service and deliver an unmatched experience to your customers. It also includes order entry from the table, which eliminates the need for trips to the POS system. 

Increase payment security. 

Allowing the customer to have control of their checkout procedure can alleviate concerns about a potentially insecure payment process. The consumer is no longer required to hand over their credit card to a server who then walks away with it. Customers will have peace of mind and a more secure dining experience as a result of this.


“A study conducted by Mastercard revealed that 79 percent of consumers globally are using contactless payments.”


Provide QR code pay. 

In restaurants, QR codes have become increasingly popular; many times, QR codes are placed on tables for guests to scan with their phones to access a digital menu. Another application of QR codes in restaurants is QR Order & Pay, which allows customers to examine the restaurant’s menu, place an order, and pay all from their phones. This provides guests more control over when services are provided and how bills are paid.

QR order and pay for flexibility

Offer online ordering.

With online ordering, restaurants can accept orders and payments from wherever their consumers are. RM Online Ordering accepts all major credit cards, as well as RM gift cards. For guests, purchasing online is faster and more convenient. According to restaurant researcher Peter Saleh, guests who place their own orders “tend to engage with the menu longer and spend 15% to 25% more.” Frequent client visits, greater check totals, and improved client conversion and loyalty are some advantages of online ordering. 


Ask guests their payment preference. 

Different generations may be wary of new technology or have difficulty implementing it. If your restaurant’s patrons are used to checking out on their own, you may wish to assist them or use the Standard Credit Card procedure to satisfy them. If you’re trying out new technologies, ask for feedback, especially if they’re a regular customer.


Are any of the above-mentioned payment methods something you’d want to try? We’d be happy to discuss which alternatives are best for your company. For further information, call 407-365-1991.

How to Increase Food Orders With Instagram

Increase food orders with instagram

 Increase Food Orders With Instagram – It’s All About The Visuals

According to the publication, Social Media Today, 30% of millennial diners actively avoid restaurants with a weak Instagram presence. That equates to potential lost revenue and means it’s more important than ever to create content that engages new followers and keeps in touch with your loyal customers.

Instagram is definitely the best social media platform for the restaurant industry; as it’s all about the visuals when it comes to your specialty food and beverage items. If you don’t already have an account, now is a great time to set one up and increase your brand awareness!

Here are a few ideas to post on your restaurant’s Instagram:

  • Show behind the scenes in the kitchen
  • Respond and create content out of online reviews
  • Share fan photos with your location tagged
  • Highlight your staff with an employee spotlight
  • Host a social media contest to reach new followers
  • Offer a discount promo code to entice customers to order such as “WELCOME10” for 10% off the order – ask us how to offer online discounts!


post behind the scenes on instagram

Drive sales with this online ordering tip:

Make sure you have your custom RMPOS Online Ordering link posted in your Instagram profile to capture sales immediately and drive business to your integrated Restaurant Manager POS Online Ordering site! Don’t have one? Let me know and we can get you set up with a shortened custom link.

instagram online ordering food

Remember, 70% of consumers say they’d rather order directly from the restaurant, preferring that their money goes straight to the restaurant and not a third party, like BiteSquad, GrubHub, etc.

Want to save time and use your built-in RMPOS social media scheduler and posting platform included with your Restaurant Manager POS System? Let me know, and I will help you get set up with that if you haven’t already done so in your Lighthouse portal.

Contact me with questions you may have to help boost your online presence and increase that Online Ordering revenue stream!

New Restaurant Menu Trends

upcoming menu trends

Menu Trends

Strategize and make new menu updates to position your restaurant for growth! Today we’re looking at industry menu trends and information to consider when updating your menu.

Streamlined Food Options

Recently, we’ve seen a shift to streamlined menu offerings and inventory. This trend has allowed operators to boost their profits. Tip: A great way to find out which menu items to keep or cut is to look at the data from your Point of Sale System to see which items are selling, the cost of the ingredients, etc. This gives restaurants the ability to offer quality over quantity when it comes to their menu.

QR Menus

Customers are now experiencing the option to sit down and scan a QR code on a restaurant table which directs them to an online menu. QR Menus are a great contactless and convenient option. With Shift4 QR Payments, customers can order and pay on their phones by scanning a QR Code. QR Menus also allow the restaurant to have more flexibility with updating their menu and not having to reprint physical menus.

QR Codes Menu Trends

Addition of Comfort Foods

The pandemic has been stressful, so naturally, more people gravitated towards comfort foods! Customers want the food they order to be predictable and something they know they will love. Studies show that people are not currently being as adventurous with their taste buds when it comes to ordering online.

High-Quality Photos & Descriptive Items

With everything being online and accessible, restaurants should make it a priority to have high-quality photos of their menu items and more descriptive details. People are more likely to buy when there’s a high-quality photo of the food rather than if there’s just text. Soon they’ll be craving every item they see!

Contact Us

Meadows Hospitality Systems is here to help your restaurant thrive. Contact us at 407-365-1991 to learn more about the Restaurant Manager POS System or QR Menu trends.

Take Advantage of QR Codes in Your Restaurant

how to use qr codes in restaurant

What is a QR Code

Once again, you may have noticed that QR codes are popping up! This technology spiked with American users in the year 2011 and is now being widely adopted by businesses & restaurants during the pandemic for a contactless experience. “QR Code” which stands for Quick Response Code, allows users to scan a black and white square label with their smartphone to open up a webpage containing information. 

What is a Qr Code

How to Scan a QR Code

In 2017, iPhone users could finally scan QR Codes directly with their cameras instead of using a specific QR Code reader app. Android users can now do the same which has allowed this technology to become popularized. 

Step 1: Open the Camera App like you would if you were taking a picture with the back-facing camera. 

Step 2: Point the camera at the desired QR Code, so it is in the viewfinder and a pop-up notification should appear asking if you’d like to open the link.

Step 3: Click on the notification to open up the desired web page containing the information from the QR Code. 

how to scan a qr code

How to Use QR Codes in Your Restaurant 

QR technology allows customers to view the restaurant’s menu, order their food, and even pay from their phones. Restaurant owners can expect to cut costs and labor by eliminating the traditional server and instead of having food runners or fewer servers on the floor. Imagine no longer needing to flag down a waitress and instead ordering a second round of drinks just with the touch of a button on your phone. 2020 has allowed for a new age of thinking & efficient restaurant solutions. The user’s dining experience has completely changed and will continue to do so. Take advantage of other benefits to QR codes by implementing a loyalty program or easy access for customers to leave a review. QR Codes are solving problems with ease and at low costs!

How to use qr codes in restaurant

Learn More About QR Order & Pay

Shift 4 is offering a contactless customer experience and a safe way for customers to order and pay. This QR Order & Pay experience includes a mobile-friendly menu with easy setup and management, orders sent directly to the POS system, and captures customer emails to build a marketing database. This solution is perfect for table service restaurants, quick service, retail, and hotels. Contact us at https://www.mhs-pos.com/contact-us to learn more. 


5 Ways to Attract and Retain More Guests to Your Restaurant

how to attract customers to your restaurant

Attract and Retain More Guests to Your Restaurant

Overall Experience

The customer experience has greatly changed, and restaurants still need to use these tips and tools to pivot as needed, while ensuring the focus is still always on the customer. Here are a few easy to implement solutions and a proven way of driving repeat visits and improving customer loyalty.

Adopt New Technology

The restaurant industry is known for being late-adopters of new technology. Adopting new technology is a massive way to get a leg up on the competition and to attract customers to your restaurant. It’s important for you to research the latest restaurant solutions and software and implement them. Also, look at other industries and see how they are making their guests more comfortable with technology. This includes contactless payments like Apple Pay, QR Codes for Ordering and Payments, as well as Online Ordering.

Invite Guests Back

People want to support local businesses. It’s important to welcome guests and tell them how appreciative of them you are to have their support and business. Offer them a coupon to dine in and fill seats, tell them how they can order online directly from you, keep guests informed about upcoming events like the wine night you’re hosting next week, and invite them back. Ask them to engage with you on social media for exclusive giveaways. It’s important to make their experience feel personal and for the customers to feel a connection with your brand.

Discuss What You Can Improve On

Not only should you constantly be discussing with your restaurant personnel how you can improve the service, but you should also ask guests their opinion. Let them know you’d love their feedback to improve and then reach out later when you’ve implemented the improvement!

Our Skytab Pay at The Table solution prompts customers to leave a review while they’re checking out, so management can thank them for the review before they leave the restaurant, or address their concern if they leave a low rating on SkyTab, as managers are notified immediately via a text message.

Hire the Right Staff

Hiring the right staff is so important. You want staff that will work hard and be committed, have great interactions with the customers, guide them through the menu, and upsell items while making conversation with the guests. The staff is part of the customers’ experience and will make a significant difference for the customer. Restaurants should shift to have the mindset of hiring quality servers, not just numerous servers. With restaurant technology like our QR Order from the Table that allows customers to order directly to the kitchen, there’s less need for a lot of servers on the same shift, a great way to cut labor costs! Staff is there to still do their job, but servers are no longer having to wait to take an order, put it into a POS system, and further communicate with the kitchen. The server’s time is freed up and they’re able to handle more tables at once while streamlining orders to the kitchen in a timely manner.

Do you want an ordering system that allows guests to view your menu, order, and pay all from their smartphones? Check out our QR Order and Pay solution from Shift4 Payments!

Contact Us

Try implementing at least one of these suggestions to help attract and retain more guests to your restaurant and let us know how they worked for you! Ready to upgrade your payment processing and technology solutions? Give us a call! Meadows Hospitality Systems at (407) 365-1991 or online at https://www.mhs-pos.com/contact-us.

Prevent Employee Theft with Security Cameras

security systems to prevent employee theft

Prevent Employee Theft with a POS System & Security Cameras

You’d like to believe that your employees are honest, hard-working, and loyal. No one wants to think badly of the people who work for them, people they see on a daily basis. It would be great if everyone in the world was honest and kind, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. While most of your employees are probably wonderful people, you can’t guarantee that all of them are. An interview or the few hours a day that you interact with them might not be enough to give you access to their true nature. That is why you need to be aware of how to prevent employee theft and provide the right security for your business.

While most restaurant owners and managers want to see the good in their employees, the statistics prove that not all restaurant employees are as honest as their bosses think they are.

The restaurant industry sees a total of 3 to 6 billion dollars in theft annually. A staggering 75% of restaurant employees have admitted to stealing from their employer at some point.

These statistics aren’t easy to hear or believe, but it’s a hard truth you must face. You shouldn’t constantly suspect your employees of dishonest behavior, but it’s nice to prepare yourself and protect your restaurant or bar just in case. Thankfully, you can easily prevent employee theft with a POS System & security cameras.  

Prevent Employee Theft With a POS System 

If you’re still using a cash register, you’re putting yourself at high risk for employee theft. A cash register is too easy to steal from. You can’t get an accurate read of what really goes on at your restaurant when you’re not there if you’re still using a simple cash register. Even if you notice money missing, an employee can pass it off as a simple accident or counting error. There’s no way to know if they’re telling the truth or if they’ve stolen from you. 

With a Point of Sale (POS) System, there’s a lot more accountability. Your POS System keeps track of employee hours and their actions, as well as recording each sale that’s made. You’ll have the ability to keep an eye on the restaurant when you’re away with helpful management tools and apps. This will give you peace of mind and discourage employees from trying to steal from you. 

When you’re able to track sales and the hours your employee is working, it’ll make it a lot harder for theft to be passed off as a simple mistake. This will make an employee think twice before skimming a few dollars, for fear of getting caught. It’s a nice system to have, just in case. This way, you can continue to think the best of your employees, but if they don’t live up to your thoughts of them, you’ll have proof of their misconduct. 

Prevent Employee Theft With Security Cameras

Another great way to make sure everything is happening as it should when you’re away is by using security cameras. When employees know they’re being watched, they’ll keep greedy hands to themselves and work harder. With the use of security cameras, you can look in on your employees from wherever you are by simply using your phone. 

There are several forms of theft that having security cameras in place can eliminate. 

One way that employees steal without actually pocketing cash is by filing fraudulent injury claims. This can be completely eliminated by installing security cameras. They can’t claim something happened when you have proof that it didn’t. You can protect yourself from false claims and hold everyone to a higher standard by simply letting them know that you can watch them when you’re away. 

Another common form of employee theft is the self-imposed break. If your employees are checking their phones instead of doing their jobs your restaurant suffers. With less productivity and less efficiency, you see fewer profits. Not to mention, your employees get overwhelmed later since their break made their tasks pile up on them. A lack of attention to customers, due to an employee checking their phone, is also very bad for business. Security cameras are an easy way to eliminate this problem. If you’re watching them, they’re far less likely to pull out their phone. 

Your employees might not pocket cash. Instead, they might steal food. Sometimes a stocked fridge is too much for an employee to resist. If they keep stealing or snacking every day, your restaurant profits will eventually suffer. Keeping a watchful eye over your kitchen can put an end to the stealing of food or unauthorized snacking. 

Hopefully, your employees are just as great as you think they are, but in case they’re not completely honest, it’s smart to protect yourself with products like a POS System and security cameras. They not only help prevent theft and provide security, but they create a more productive work environment. So, if you want to protect your restaurant or bar from theft, contact Meadows Hospitality Systems

Prevent Employee Theft POS & security