reasons to choose a local pos

Why you should choose a local POS service for your business.

  1. On-Site Service & Speed

Local point of sale customer service is very important since the majority of restaurant POS services only offer remote support. Choosing a local POS service can be particularly beneficial when you require on-site assistance immediately. Problems can be resolved faster and with accuracy. 

“Timing is everything in the restaurant business. Every second counts!” – Restaurant Manager Customer 

  1. Hands-On Training 

Local dealers can provide hands-on training so you and your employees know how to efficiently operate the POS technology. Easily schedule a session an in-person demonstration and the seller can answer all of your POS questions face-to-face. Don’t struggle to understand the complicated online presentations, instead be guided in-person.

  1. Personalized Experience  

A local POS salesperson will build a relationship with your business. You will appreciate knowing exactly who you are working with. They will come to your service location and evaluate your business needs. If you decide to choose a remote, bigger POS company to supply you it does not allow for a personalized experience. Instead, they will have a harder time differentiating your business and customizing the software to fit your needs.

Are you ready to get started with a local POS restaurant service? 

Meadows Hospitality Systems is a local expert Florida POS dealer that has been providing service for over 30 years. When customers are asked why they love working with MHS, it’s because they provide an unmatched service and the customer enjoys having a personal relationship with the team. Restaurants know exactly who they are doing business with! You can’t beat the speed factor of this business. MHS provides service ASAP! You no longer have to deal with other services who send a unit a few days after the problem starts with the expectancy you will set up the unit with a foreign call center. Reach Meadows Hospitality Systems, 24/7 – with help available even on weekends and holidays. Fill out the contact us form to learn more about MHS’s Shift4 Point of Sale Systems


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